Frequently Asked Questions

ChampChart is a mobile application for people who like to compete. And although it is easy to track your time when you are doing your morning jog, you cannot track the squash games you play with your friends! That is why we have invented ChampChart to give people a fun and simple application to keep track of their scores. Now you can finish your game, have your energizing drink, and log your score right there in the gym.

ChampChart works best in collective sports scenarios. Games where you play against other players and do not have a specific scoring system in place. You just care about who is the winner, or in what order the players finished in. The system also supports draws, if the match had no winner.

The Ladder is effectively the standing of players on the Chart. Each player who has participated in at least one game will have his or her ranking, and all players will be sorted by the rank on the ladder. Each game you play, and win will reward you with points, and your movement on the ladder will be adjusted.

The scoring of ChampChart is similar to ratings in chess, or ranking players in tennis. It is a skill-based algorithm that takes into consideration whether a win was a onetime chance, or whether your skills have significantly improved. The specialty of our algorithm is that you do not always have to have the same number of players on both sides to log a game. In fact, you do not need to have sides, and all players can play a free-for-all type of game where everybody fights for oneself.

The gained points will depend on various factors. For example, the frequency of your games, and your strength, and that of your opponents. Further, it makes a difference if you play with the same people all the time, or you try to mix it up with others. Simply put, there are sophisticated algorithms that crunch the data and move people up or down.

If you are playing a weak opponent, then the system expects you to win. If you end up with a draw, then the system will reward the other player and deduct points from you.

Each game must have at least 2 players. The maximum number of players is determined by the number of players in your chart. It is also possible to log games where two people play against three opponents. I am sure it happens to you when you book a basketball ground, and one of your friends does not show up. This is no problem at all. Have 2 strong players against the 3 and record your games.
The algorithm also handles games with a lot of players. For example, you may like to log your sprints on the course with your fellow athletes. Well, it is simple: just log a free-for-all game by ordering athletes by the time they achieved. This way, later on, you will see who the best athlete from your group is.

No! The only way you can lose points is when you participate in a game. Even if you come back from a long vacation, or have recovered from an injury, you can continue where you left off. Just a few games with a mix of your opponents will measure your skills and place you back in the chart where you belong.

Badges are just a social dimension to our application. Compete with friends and be rewarded. Isn’t it nice to be the lion of the chart as opposed to a couch potato who has not played for 3 months?

What a shame to play a game of tennis in four where one of you does not want to participate. Well, actually, this is not a problem at all. The application has a concept of virtual players who substitute your friends that have no internet. Just create a friend as a virtual player and log a game as if they used the application like you. They can always change their mind later.

We have not put a limit on number of players! Invite your friends and challenge them to games. This application should make it easy to challenge players you do not often play with.

As mentioned earlier, the system supports various types of games. The simple ones are One on One and Two on Two, suitable for squash, tennis, table tennis, etc. And these are followed by Free for All, Team on Team, and Team Melee. As we said earlier, it is not necessary to have an equal number of players on any of the sides. With ChampChart you can track it all.

Feel free to send us an email and we will answer it asap. If you have any ideas how to improve our app please shoot them over to us, and we might see if we can put them on our roadmap.